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Please find below an itemized list of services we offer:

  • Custom Bridal Gowns …. $7000+
  • Custom Gowns (any sort of gown) …. $1450+
  • Custom Bridesmaids Dresses …. $750+
  • Bridesmaids Alterations …. $85+
  • Custom Mother of the Bride Dresses …. $1700+
  • Mother of the Bride Alterations …. $95+
  • Expert Bridal Alterations in general …. $450-650
  • Masterful Lacework …. $125/hr
  • Custom Boleros …. $450+
  • Custom Veils …. $225+
  • Custom Sashes & Belts …. $125+
  • Build-ups & Additions (i.e. add sleeves) …. Please Inquire
  • Intricate Beading …. $125/hr
  • Gown tinting / Dyeing …. $450+
  • Gown redesigns …. $600+
  • Heirloom Restoration …. Please Inquire

Please note that all fees paid are non-refundable and materials are always paid by client.**



Contract jobs that are undefined by the list below default to our standard hourly rate.


Alterations can include shortening straps, taking in sides, adding boning, hemming, fixing zipper and all other relatively basic tailoring. The classic definition of altering is that it ‘in no way changes the original design of the garment.’


Advanced alterations include the same criteria as regular alterations: shortening straps, taking in sides, adding boning, hemming, fixing zipper and all other relatively basic tailoring. The difference would be that advanced alterations are applied to heavily beaded gowns, extreme lacework gowns, and other garments / gowns with complex construction. An example would be a Vera Wang gown with double zippers (you’ll know what that is if you have one!) These gowns take more than double the time that a simpler Rosa Clara may take.


Modification is when a garment is actually changed in a visible way. Lowering the back, changing the silhouette of the skirt, adding or removing ornamental features, and so forth.

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE / BRIDESMAIDS ALTERATIONS….$125/hr (the hour is prorated to the exact work time.)

CUSTOM BOLEROS…. $450 + materials

We can order matching lace to build onto your existing gown or create separate boleros. We regularly make boleros that can invisibly attatch or detatch from your gown.

CUSTOM BRIDAL GOWNS…. $7000 + materials

Should this exceed your budget still shoot us an email! We’re always interested in helping you locate a less expensive gown that we can modify or add on to. We do it all the time!

DYE A DRESS…. $450 + materials

On a case by case basis. Some fabrics can’t hold color (most synthetics,) luckily Marie is great at this and can most often make it work!

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