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Lace Experimentation

Carolina Herrera lace. Custom MCD design. 2014


PRESS // Triangle Business Journal (2012)


FOX NEWS: Celebrating Triangle Fashion

MCD Prolific Dress Design // Gown Exhibited in Charleston Fashion Week 2011

SouthWestRaleigh.com Featuring Marie Cordella

See full Article: southwestraleigh.com/2012/05/creative-spotlight-marie-cordella-design/

PRESS // NewRaleigh.com (2012)

Art Direction & Styling (2013)

Photographer: kaitlyn Barlow Stylist / art director: Marie Cordella Clothing: Saks Fifth Avenue Makeup: Laura Watson Publication: CSM

Modern Contemporary Dress (2010)

.GIF Experimentation (July 2013)

Bridal Embellishments

Flawless Fit + Luxurious Lace // Expert Alterations

PRESS // City Insight Magazine: Phenomenal Women Issue (2011)

Marie Cordella Dresses + Edge of Urge Boutique


Marie Cordella Video Short: Custom Veil Design & Creation (2012)

Filmed, edited and produced by Marie Cordella

Marie Cordella Styling & Photography (2012)

Photography / Photo Post-production / Art Direction / Styling: Marie Cordella Models: Miles Holst & Clarissa Arocena This was a shoot that, so Miles is amazing with his love of technology – and I can take and produce on hell of a picture. This was a shoot that, so Miles…

Fall Editorial Feature: MC Custom Gown

Vintage Bohemian Wedding Inspiration   

Custom Bridal Gown: Hannah


   Our Instagram account is a great way to see all the work Marie pumps out on a daily basis. Watch closely and you just might see your own gown in progress 🙂   

Custom Bridal


PRESS// End of Residency Talk with Marie Cordella (godowntownraleigh.com)

Redesigned Vintage Floor-length Sleeveless Evening Gown: Now A Chic Modern Party Dress

Custom Gowns

PRESS // News & Observer (2012)

PRESS // Dailysingle.com (2011)

Designer Gowns Made From Scratch (2013)

Dress Design (2011)

Dress Design + Art Direction (2012)

Alterations: In Process (2013)

Extreme Lace-work, Custom Gown

Master’s Degree Thesis Pieces: The History of Fashion

PRESS // Technicianonline.com (2011)

Custom Alencon Lace Veil

ReDesigned WWII German Field Coat


Marie Cordella Dress + Stephen Aubuchon Photography (2008)


Marie Cordella Bridal Design: Video Short Documenting Process of Construction

Filmed, edited and produced by Marie Cordella

PRESS// As Seen on Lifetime Television

Mega Modified Custom Gown

1 of 4 Featured National Bridal Designers

Featured In Social Magazine: Marie Cordella Dress(es)

Wedding Dress // Redesigned into Anniversary Cocktail Dress

Alterations + modification

Unique Bridesmaids Collections

PRESS // Featured Designer: NCSU’s 10 Year Anniversary ‘Art To Wear’ Documentary


PRESS // CLLCTV.com (2011)

PRESS // NewRaleigh.com (2011)

MCD Experimental Dress (2007)

Custom Bag (2012)

Bridesmaids’ Gowns Never Fit So Well!

Expert Bridal Alterations for Mother and Bride

Blast From the Past // Dress from 2009

Marie Cordella Garments + Art Direction (2012)

Garments / Styling / Art Direction: Marie Cordella Hair: Goldwell Make-up: Claire Bernghartt Photography: Jason Dail Models: Hathir Pfau, Liz Bradford, Sarah Hazel Cannon, Melissa Edmonston  

PRESS // NCSU.edu ‘Design Influence’ (2011)


Black & White Beginnings [Circa 2010]

Marie Cordella Dress + Scott Russell Photography (2012)

Dress: Marie Cordella Photographer: Scott Russell Model: Echo Nittolitto Hair/Makeup: Elizabeth Tolley Necklace: Good Girls Studio (Johanna Ely)

Marie Cordella Custom Bridal + Hand Constructed Lacework

PRESS // IndieNC.com (2009)

PRESS // Charlestonscene.com (2011)